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John Castorani is a patriot, a conservative and a veteran. He has been given a rare opportunity to run for Alabama’s First Congressional District as a veteran of Alabama’s Army National Guard and career Intelligence Officer, he considers his run for office an opportunity to continue serving his country and the people of Alabama.


John is a proven leader with over 10 years of experience, and he wants to represent the First Congressional District. He has a unique economic and cultural background. He is running for election in the community where he grew up and where his family lives. He believes in service before self and understands that there is no higher calling than service to the American people. John wants to lead South Alabama citizens from wherever they are now - to giving them and their children hope that they can achieve the American dream. 


 He believes we need to continue the fight for limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberties.  He also believes that together, we can stand up for the Constitution and empower the next generation.


John cares what the voters have to say and he is ready to listen.  While he certainly has his stances on the issues of our district and country, it is extremely important to him that the voice of the voters is heard and represented with dignity in Congress - expressing voters' values and morals. 


John has an extremely diverse background.  He is a lifelong resident of Alabama’s First Congressional District, leaving only for his service in the United States Intelligence Community from 2011 to 2019.  John grew up with his single mother and sister in Fairhope, Alabama. The exposure to the many various cultures, languages, ethnicity and beliefs from his time spent abroad has enabled him to achieve success in all aspects of his life. From his time in the military to his operations in the Intelligence Community and his life, John truly gets along with all people.

People Are My Passion

I personally believe that it’s time for South Alabama to be represented by someone who does not cater to special interests,  who is a political outsider and more importantly, someone who can relate to working-class Americans, who has debt, and who understands how the economy affects them. I am that candidate.


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